Japanese whaling

For the past couple of months the story about Japan’s whaling fleet hunting minke and humpback whales in the Pacific has been re-appearing in the news. While I believe the Japanese have recently given up the idea of killing the 50 humpbacks they set out to get, many nations are still rightly outraged about this antiquated practice. The worst part is that they are doing it through a loophole in international whaling laws by claiming that the hunt is being conducted in the name of scientific research rather than for commercial purposes. BBC has a correspondent on board of the Greenpeace ship tracking the whaling fleet and you can read his journal here.

Right now things are not looking good. The Greenpeace ship will eventually run low on fuel and be unable to follow the main Japanese ship, which will then return to the hunting waters. More action is needed in the international community about this issue, because without the law on their side there is only so much that activists can do.


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