And we’re back

So I decided it would be worthwhile to get this blog up and running again. Why? Well there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in the intellectual scene these days. I figured it is time to get back into the flow of things.

For one, apparently Michael Sandel’s famous ‘Justice’ course at Harvard has now been turned into a miniseries (see the story in The Chronicle here.) The last time I read Sandel’s work must have been about 5 years ago now. I have been meaning to go back and re-read it, since I have been pretty interested in the liberal/communitarian debate recently. This series could serve as a nice refresher.

Also coming in the mail are Michael Walzer’s ‘Just and Unjust Wars‘ and Richard J. Bernstein’s ‘Praxis and Action,’ both of which I can’t wait to get to. I think overall I have focused a lot more on reading contemporary political and social theory in the time since the last post, and especially during the past summer.

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