Kim Kierkegaardashian and Justin Buber

For those folks on Twitter, do yourself a favor and follow @KimKierkegaard and @Justin_Buber. You’ll get frequent nuggets of wisdom on God, the Other, and I-Thou in contexts you never thought possible.

Some of my favorites from “Kim”:

I love this latex skirt! But, God be praised, it is not so ordered, that this should be the highest thing of all.

I was born with a congenital anxiety, I was born gazing into the region of sighs. This is my signature style!

To strive to be what one already is, is the most difficult of all tasks. But everyone always thinks I’ve had my nose done.

I have majorly fallen off my workout-eating plan! AND it’s summer! But to despair over sin is to sink deeper into it.

And from “Justin”:

I knew nothing of books when I came forth from the womb of my mother, and I shall die without books, with a cute girl’s hand in my own.

I’m just a regular teenage kid. I make good grilled cheese and I like girls. One cannot approach the divine by reaching beyond the human.

Tonight I’ma be with u, shawty with u. For the space between two beings is where God may occur.


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