Stalin: A Documentary

YouTube is often a treasure trove of interesting programs. Most of the time you don’t even have to search long – all it takes is typing a word or two into the search bar. The other night I came upon a good documentary on Stalin that I’ve been watching, made in 1990 and narrated by British actor Ian Holm. Here are all three parts:


Stalin’s ‘rude’ jottings

Interesting little slideshow from the BBC: A number of nude, pencil drawn studies from the 1940s have been put in display in Moscow, with Stalin’s hand-written commentary on them. The jottings have been authenticated by an interior ministry expert although no one is sure how or why Stalin would bother writing on them. “Why are you so thin, Mikhail Ivanovich?” he wrote on one drawing; “Onanism is not work. Try Marxism!”  “One thinking fool is worse than 10 enemies,” says another.